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Thomas Sternkopf, the founder and managing director of the company, has been in insurance IT for more than 18 years. He has worked in many well-known companies. He furthermore had been in various international strategic positions, as a decision maker and as a solution finder. Within each role he had a direct reporting line to the members of the Board.

The sternkopf-consulting GmbH is offering not only his expertise and his experiences but also of a lot more experienced employees as a consulting company, by focusing on the following areas:

Individual Analysis for your organisation

  • Pulse and Health Check
  • Individuelle Analyse um herauszufinden wo Sie stehen
  • Eine Lösung, die anschließend auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zurecht geschnitten ist


Agile Transformation

Coming from the classical “waterfall method”, more and more companies are recognizing the changes and potential benefits of running programs in an “Agile Approach / Framework!

  • Agile Coaching
  • SAFe implementation
  • C-Level advisory and coaching
  • LEAN Portfolio Management


Coaching and Consulting

Change is never easy. We accompany your teams in your projects which are about to implement an agile transformation. We help developing an agile mindset and guide people through the complete agile process as coaches and change agents to  successfully become Agile in your firm.

  • Contact person for you and your team
  • Experience in crisis- and conflict-situations and how to solve these
  • Understand and develop an agile way of thinking together
  • Focus on people
  • Individual consulting


Training and Growth

All our employees are SAFe certified. Moreover we have also e.g. certified Product Owner in our team. To get your organisation prefectly prepared for agile change, we offer to train and educate your team members. Additionally, we are about to build a Starcademy, which seeks to offer broad knwoledge from an agile community to learn and grow together.

  • In-house and external trainings
  • SAFe certifications
  • Learning community
  • Networking-Events


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Wednesday, 20. May 2020

09. Scrumtisch Dortmund

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Wednesday, 13. May 2020

Recipe Recommendation for May 2020

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Wednesday, 06. May 2020

Combining Lean and Agile – Their Connection

In one of our latest articles I discussed the difference between Agile and Lean....
Wednesday, 29. April 2020

Agile during Times of Chaos – such as the current COVID-19 situation

Agile frameworks are famous for its fast adopting and quickly creating customer value. These...
Wednesday, 22. April 2020

Lean and Agile – The Difference

Lean and Agile are often used simultaneously when talking about agility and agile frameworks....
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