Agility – Only For Development Teams? No!

Agile methods are very common in development- and IT-teams. This fact is recognizeable e.g. reading job offers for Scrum Master and becomes more obvious calling someone who is looking for a Scrum Expert. They always ask if you are familiar with certain technical aspects or even possesing programming skills. Well, besides the fact that this is not really a Scrum Master’s role anyway (to program – I mean why you even got IT experts then who literally studied IT?) agile methods in general are not only suitable for technical projects or IT-firms.

More and more businesses from other industries or departements who are not facing IT tasks are implementing agile methodologies.

Would you have ever reckoned that a government becomes agile? Those insitutions with their slow and strongly hierarchical systems? Indeed they do! The number of ‘other’ than IT firms implementing agility in their organizations is continously growing. Below you find an example of a government recognizing the value of more agile structures:

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