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Wednesday, 05. February 2020 I

Giving Good Feedback which Motivates Employees

Giving feedback is important. For agile organizations it is an essential part of the...
Wednesday, 29. January 2020 I

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Change is always tricky. Especially transforming an organization from old Waterfall-methods to new agile...
Wednesday, 08. January 2020 I

sternkopf-consulting ug year 2019

It’s only a few days since we left the year 2019… A new year...
Wednesday, 06. November 2019 I

What motivates Tamer?

Every person has individual dreams, goals, inspirations. We already introduced the ones of Thomas,...
Wednesday, 02. October 2019 I

Thomas’ Motivation and Story

Everybody has different motivations. We already introduced the themes and stories of our team...
Wednesday, 18. September 2019 I

What inspires our team – Jens’ motivation

Our team consists of diverse people, each with their own aspirations and motivations. A...
Wednesday, 28. August 2019 I

What inspires our team, what is Melanie’s motivation?

Everybody has their own, individual motives.  So does our team. Each of them has...
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