June 2019 - today | Melanie Bühne

Lanxess AG in Leverkusen

Main Subjects:


Reporting, Organisation and Coordination

Communikation with Stakeholdern

Since June 2019,  Melanie Bühne works as PMO in a SAP-project in a pharmaceutical and chemical company with more than 3000 employees at its location in Leverkusen. The project’s goal is to establish a new data platform for the firm which combines old and new data systems, programs and simplifies data related processes.

The project is currently in the implementation phase which demands a lot of organization and coordination. Melanie Bühne helps to ensure that the necessary resources are available to everyone, coordinates appointments, reports directly to both project leaders and supports the project in all organizational and administrative tasks.

She also helps establishing a learning-platform for key- and end-user which are supposed to use the new data platform later on. Goal of this learning module is to be as user-friendly and easy to understand as possible. To ensure a properly designed learning platform, Melanie Bühne is constantly communicating with respective stakeholders and seeks to incorporate the target group’s needs at its best.

At the moment, the task is to make sure that the development team can work without any impediments and to help providing a productive project-process, which is similar to the tasks of a Scrum Master.

November 2018 - today | Thomas Sternkopf

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt in Magdeburg

Main Subjects:

AGILE Transformation



AGILE Training

Main goal in this change program of the AOK SAN is the digitalization of the AOK SAN and to make the entire AOK SAN more agile, as well as the input- and output-management and the process optimization.

Thomas Sternkopf coaches and supports this transformation of the AOK Sachsen-Anhalt in Magdeburg and consults one of the big strategic programs in there (AOK 2022) and the digitalization portfolio. Both projects are transformed to be more agile and optimized. These programs include 55 distinct projects which are all part of the transformation.

The projects and their processes are improved and prioritised by the aid of e.g. WSJF (weighted-shortest-job-first) and the cost of delay, MVP (minimum viable product) and the Lean-Start-up Cycle.

Moreover, KANBAN and Jira were successfully integrated into the processes and implemented therein. Thomas Sternkopf coaches Teams in the projects to work according to the Program Increment Planning (SAFe). He also successfully trained leaders, managers, the board of directors, expert areas and the IT-department in agile methodologies.

The project as such offers big challenges due to the traditional way of working of the AOK SAN and therefore, is a very interesting yet complex project to be transformed into being agile.

Though: The AOK SAN found out that agility is also beneficial to traditional projects and can add real value to them. Thomas Sternkopf actively guides this change and already had first success and achieved crucial milestones within the project by the aid of e.g. KANBAN and SAFe.

August 2018 - today | Mitja Jelen

LeSS Framework in Münster

Main Subjects:

AGILE Synchronization

LeSS Framework


AGILE Coaching

Mitja Jelen supports Teams implementing Scrum methodologies in a project a Project in Münster.

Goal of the project is the digitalization of the Output Management giving the LeSS Framework. Mitja Jelen actively consults onto how to integrate LeSS within the project and guides Teams during the implementation phase.

The challenge in this project is the alignment of several Scrum teams, whose goal it is to work with a common framework and thereby have the same working rhythm, standard methods and being synchronized. Doing so shall result in cross functional teams working with each other more effectively.

During the integration of LeSS in the project first successes were achieved. For example, the writing and estimating of user stories by the aid of active consulting in LeSS and based on Scrum were optimized. Due to the LeSS based planning the output management as such was improved in regards to its concept-structuring and data modelling and mapping.

Workshops and trainings for the developers, which Mitja Jelen supported and lead, further improved the process.

December 2018 - July 2019

Soennecken eG in Essen

Main Subjects:



Servant Leadership

Agile Projektmanagement

The STC was working as a Kanban Manager and Scrum Master in a middle sized office supplies company with about 500 employees. The aim in the project was to minimize shortages and identify status of each ticket in progress.

To improve these points of change, they placed already two Kanban-Boards, one in the so called PaNik-Team in system administration and one in the IT-area to better picture the team crossing themes and bigger projects.

Therefore, typical Kanban rules were introduced to the Team, e.g. calculating work-in-progress limits. Implementing these new Kanban boards and rules opened up to spotting dependencies and better solve them. Thereby, shortages and status of each ticket could be better handled. First improvements, such as identifying contact persons, were achieved.

To organise team overlapping themes and projects, We and the team worked with the Horizons-Model, which was already discussed in one of our blog articles.

The current task is to establish improvements for long-term and continously develop and become better. You can read more about the project here.

April 2017 - November 2018 | Thomas Sternkopf

AGCS (Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty) in Munich

Main Subjects:

AGILE transformation

Interim Management (Crisis & De-Escalations-Management)

Enterprise Information Management


Acquisition of the strategic EIM (Enterprise Information Management) program in April 2017 as Interim manager (crisis and de-escalation manager) with the aim of bringing the program “back on track”.

The Board approved to provided business case and the related 5-year roadmap to deliver EIM according to business needs. Furthermore, the AGCS organisation could be convinced to aim for another process and project model. Close cooperation between all departments (IT, business, stakeholder and costumers) approaching a common goal creating value to the organisation.

The EIM program was then declared the “starting point” of the Agile Transformation for the AGCS. Within 6 months the entire program could be completely transformed.

Together with Accenture as vendor it had been decided to use the SAFe 4.5 framework.

Coaching and Change had been performed successfully and even the Executive Members had been trained and are part of the journey.

Meanwhile we could implement a portfolio layer and adding another program under the governance of the portfolio.

The current task is to drive as “Lean Portfolio Manager” the agile transformation and to stabilize the current programs under the portfolio.

Furthermore, to ensure that internal skills are built up, as well to implement a “Lean Agile Center of Excellence” to firmly anchor the Agile principles and methods in the AGCS.

July 2017 | Thomas Sternkopf

Gothaer insurance in Köln

Main Subjects:

Output Management / ASF Migration

Project Consulting



As part of the ASF replacement, Gothaer Versicherung is implementing a new Output Management System based on M / Text.

We advise on procedures and, in particular, with regard to governance topics, such as: methodical approach to document analysis, as well as the subject of governance of document administration.

July 2013 – March 2017 | Thomas Sternkopf

Generali Deutschland Informatic Service GmbH

Main Subjects:

Interim Management (Crisis & De-Escalations-Management)

C-Level advisory

AGILE transformation

Output Management / ASF Migration

Vendor Management / Vendor Selection

Intercultural Coaching


Acquisition of the strategic output management program in July 2013 as a crisis and de-escalation manager with the aim of bringing the program “back on track”.

Establishment of a new group-wide, digital customer communication platform as the largest strategic corporate project of the German group (standard software DOPIX) Replacement of ASF and migration of ASF

Designing and managing the change and transformation process to change the business processes in the departments and IT Initiation of outsourcing activities for software development and a software test factory from Germany to India

Management of the tendering and vendor selection process with negotiation and contract design of the trades to be advertised as a pilot in the European group

Results and special projects:

Reduction of project duration by 5 years with savings of 30% of the original budget with full functionality

Successfully introduce AGILE request collection and application development methods

August 2011 – April 2013 | Thomas Sternkopf

DHL Global Management GmbH, Bonn

Main Subjects:

Global SAP Rollout

IT Management and Architecture

IT Delivery and Quality- Management


Vendor Management / Vendor Selection

Off-Shoring und Intercultural Coaching


Architecture and design of a new, common globally standardized logistics platform (NFE – New forwarding environment) to replace 1,600 old applications as part of a global transformation program.

Supervising the implementation of the overall project in the areas of development, quality assurance, operation and maintenance.

Management of tendering and selection process for service providers as well as negotiation and contract alignment of tendered trades with a volume of> € 150 million Supporting the entire project organization of 175 project employees including 25 internal employees from Germany and England as well as more than 150 external service providers from Germany, England and India

Results and special projects:

Development of a global template for the new logistics platform as the world’s largest SAP installation for 250 countries

Roll-out of individual modules (SAP CRM, BI Cognos, FileNet) of the global template as a pilot to 96 countries in Quality, Time and Budget

Establishment of a “Centre of Business Intelligence” for the establishment of a key performance indicator system for value added analyzes in the Group

June 2010 - August 2011 | Thomas Sternkopf

Zurich Financial Services – Argentina; Buenos Aires

Main Subjects:

Interim Management (Crisis & De-Escalations-Management)

C-Level advisory

Roll-out of a common and standardized P&C Platform for LatAM

Intercultural Coaching

Vendor Management


Interim and crisis manager for the newly created insurance platform for Latin America (Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Mexico).

Building up an establishing the development hub in Buenos Aires.

Coordination of vendors in five different countries (Latin America, Denmark, Latvia, UK and India)

Results and special projects:

Key player in one of the largest projects ever realized by the Zurich Group

Timely implementation of the IT platform in Venezuela and Brazil in compliance with the budget

Successful coaching of the successor

August 2008 - Mai 2011 | Thomas Sternkopf

Zurich Financial Services – Barcelona/London/Zürich/Köln

Main Subjects:

Interim Management (Crisis & De-Escalations-Management)

Digital Costumer Communication

Electronic document management

Intercultural Coaching

Vendor Management


Electronic document management

Crisis and de-escalation management of one of the world’s most important strategic project on e-file / task manager (standardized global electronic document management) – standard software “FileNet”

Conception, construction and integration of a standardized, worldwide solution

Planning and organization of the roll-out process in 90 countries with integration into local business processes

Results and special projects:

Moderation and mentoring of specialists from the country organizations to agree on a worldwide standard for archiving and filing electronic documents

Successful introduction of the standardized solution despite the most difficult, constantly changing conditions.

Digital Customer Communication / Output Management (ECM)

Stabilization, strategic and organizational adjustments of the output management solution (printing of business-relevant documents for the insurance customer) for the European market; Standard software: Papyrus Objects.

Establishment and management of an intercultural team with approx. 100 employees (IT, departments, vendors)

Introduction of ITIL processes in the organization

Contract negotiation and contracting for the long-term provision of external resources (nearshore / offshore)

Results and special projects:

Conception and development of a business case for a global shared documentation platform with presentation to the board and commissioning of the implementation.

Implementating a pilot project in Milan as a proof of concept to support automated processes for the claims transaction system with savings of 3 € millions p.a. Additional roll-out of the solion as part of the global eFile program


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