Scrumtisch Dortmund – A Field Report

Also this year we have our Scrumtisch Dortmund again! Last year we appreciated the Scrumtisch and you – the community – more and more from month to month and we are very happy to have met such a great group of people.

We are looking forward to many more great agile evenings with you this year and to many new faces!

Jeannette is one of our regular visitors and has written down her experiences of the last year in an article for her company internal blog. We are happy to share her impressions with you – So all of you who have never been there but would like to take a look – here you can find some experiences of an agile person who was there from the beginning:

You can find pictures of our scrum tables on our Blog, Facebook, or Meetup.

Find our next year’s events on either Meetup, our Website or Xing.

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