Agile Transformation (Coaching and SAFe implementation)

Coming from the classic ‚waterfall’ method, more and more companies recognize the potential of being agile in their projects. Oftentimes, individual projects are transformed to agile structures (e.g. having Scrum-teams) but the question remains: Do you want ‘Agile islands’ or having the whole business being agile? If you want the latter, you need to change the mindset to an agile one as well.

There are several, distinct methods and frameworks which help conducting an ’Agile Transformation’ at each level (Portfolio, Program and Team) within an organisation.

We, the sternkopf-consulting GmbH, already implemented such agile transformations at e.g. a big insurance company successfully. These change processes must be organized and require a strong mandate of the organisation and their decision makers.

We possess experienced employees which are experts in this field and can therefore offer a team which accompanies your agile transformation – As coaches as well as change-partners.

Our team can support you at the portfolio-level by strengthening your agile leaders and train them. We are experienced with dynamic budgeting and already effectively worked out agile transformation at the portfolio level.

At the program-level we can help you to master the required coordination and orchestration in between several teams and guide you successfully through agile change in your project.

Our employees can support you at team-level as well. The Sternkopf-consulting team knows a lot about agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban and stands by the side of your team to help them learn and master self-organisation and grow as a team.

Furthermore, all our employees are SAFe certified and capable of implementing scaled agile change in your firm.

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