Training(s) for you and your team

Change never comes along easy. It is always a lot of effort and work to transform successfully.

Our employees are all trained and certified in the field of Agility and change management. We are happy to help you prepare for change and train your organisation in agile methodologies.

Besides SAFe and Scrum, the sternkopf-consulting GmbH Team also possesses great knowledge about Kanban and LACE. With our method-training we can selectively educate you onto how to master agile change in your firm.

Especially our SAFe trainigs offer you educational learning about the SAFe framework. Within the SAFe world we offer a range of training targeted at the specific roles within SAFe. By doing so we teach you how to scale agile change and how to implement it. We help you better understand and correctly execute roles which are needed to be successfully agile in the long-term.

All our trainings can be conducted internal as well as external.

Same goes for our certification seminars. Due to our qualified employees we can offer you in-house certification trainings or happily invite you to some of our open seminars where we seek to help you get SAFe certified.

Moreover, we are about to build our Starcademy – A learning community aimed at bringing together Agile interested people from all industries. In this community you can discuss agile topics and provide help for each other.

You do not only benefit from our knowledge but from the community’s as well.

Part of this community are agile events we organize. Keep track on our social media sites or on our website for the latest events and more information.

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