What motivates Tamer?

Every person has individual dreams, goals, inspirations. We already introduced the ones of Thomas, Jens and Melanie. Our trainee, Tamer, has his ones, too. What are they?


My Motivation – Why the Training as IT-Systemkaufmann?

Already at a young age I was fascinated by technical tasks and environments. I built myself a staircase out of my toys to get to the TV. I am a very helpful person and love to work in a team, often my creative side comes to the fore. I have the opportunity to implement my ideas while programming. My biggest dream? I want to create something to help the world in the future.
So why now at sternkopf-consulting ug?
I think it is the right company to strive for the knowledge I need to realize my dream. Of course, other aspects like the great team and the great working environment also count. However, what convinced me the most was that Thomas had already worked in IT before and has a good understanding of IT due to his own training and years of experience.
So when I got the chance to start my apprenticeship at sternkopf-consulting, I didn’t have to think long. Of course! I do what I always had a strong interest in and I think that I can still learn a lot at starnkopf-consulting.
My colleague, Melanie, asked me what motivates me – it is the constant further development, one always learns new things, the creativity that I can live out in programming and the dream that I have set myself as a goal and want to achieve.

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